Assistant Project Manager

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- Work directly with project managers to help implement project goals;
- Assign duties to staff to implement project goals, as needed;
- Oversee variable aspects of projects and provide direct assistance to ensure timely project execution;
- Overview project goals and ensure project goals are achievable;
- Liaise with project lead and other project managers to maintain project schedule and efficacy;
- Assist with procuring materials and other items necessary for completing project goals;
- Review project implementation and gather data on project execution;
- Coordinate with project managers and other project leads following project execution;

- 1-5 years of proven and successful experience in the project management;
- Verifiable leadership experience and capabilities, with past successful project execution;
- Ability and desire to work collaborative to ensure successful project execution;
- Working knowledge of necessary industry-related tools;
- Good experience with computer operating systems, such as Microsoft Office;
- Proven ability to generate and deliver reports that provide useful insight into project details;
- Highly organized and detail-oriented with a passion for ensuring projects proceed efficiently and effectively;
- Fluency in English.

Please indicate the name of the position “Assistant Project Manager” in the subject line of the application e-mail and send to e-mail address.
Only candidates who noted vacancy name in the subject line will be considered.

Deadline: 2022.05.20