Electrical Supervisor

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Level 5 with valid certification
Employment period 6-8 months
Number of personnel to be hired 4 or 5 people

Work schedule : 6 days a week Mon -Sat with 10 standard working hours 07:30-18:30 ( can be changed based on needs of project)

Benefits: Lunch, Corporate number and telephone, Family medical insurance

Job Description:
- To guarantee the quality of the generated deliverables and their compliance with the contractual and company standards, procedures and work instructions;
- To attend to technical training as per department needs and exchange experience with colleagues of the entire - Maire Tecnimont Group for new Design techniques;
- To keep himself up-to-date about the technical specific improvement of the discipline;
- To develop the specifications and data sheet of electrical switchgear, plant equipment and materials, including the technical characteristics of their subsystems and components and, according to his/ her skills, to perform sizing and verification calculations;
- To check and approve vendors’ documents;
- To secure assistance, if any, during testing and start-up;
- To acquire and improve his knowledge and use of CAE tools.

Deadline: 2021.12.11