Unity Game Developer

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Job Description:
Unity Game Developers are generally responsible for code game for mobile, webGL and PC platforms using C# language. We need the developers who must be able to handle both simple and complex tasks with confidence. In-depth knowledge of the basics of language, code architectures, maths, physics and gaming engine are essential skills we need. This hiring is mainly focused on 2D real-money Game development, so kindly check the responsibilities below.

1. Minimum 5 years’ experience in Unity Game Engine.
2. Should know all Unity basics, specially related to 2D game development.
3. Should know UnityWebRequests and sockets.
4. Knowledge of perfect Unity UI is required.
5. Should know how to follow coding architectures and methodologies.
6. Should know the generic and scalable code practices.
7. Prior work on Slot Games is a huge advantage.
8. Should have good knowledge of Algorithms, maths and logic.
9. Must be able to understand pre-written code. This skilled is very much required.
10. Should be a hardworking and dedicated resource.
11. Must have experience in WebGL platform development. Must know technicalities about iOS, Android, PC and WebGL Unity platforms.
12. Experience with making builds for WebGL, iOS, Android, PC(Windows) is highly preferable
13. Knowledge of GIT is a plus.
14. Should have knowledge of asset bundles.
15. Should have good experience with real time multiplayer games.