Tələbə və gənclər üçün "Uğurlu layihələrin yazılması və icrası" adlı təlim proqramı

“Sustainera Consulting Services” and "Bir Konullu" Students’ Cooperation Public Union will be jointly organizing short term training program on writing and implementing successful projects for bachelor (3rd – 4th year) and master students, recent graduates, and young professionals in 4-8 July, 2022.

This initiative seeks to increase the capacity of recent graduates, young professionals and empower them through skills and competence development which will be conducive to active engagement in attaining funds and resources provided by international donor organizations through projects and similar activities. The capacity building course will serve as a springboard in a longer-term to cultivate experts in the particular realm of developing effective proposals and managing international project cycles. It also encompasses an overarching aim of transferring knowledge and best practices as well as contribute to youth employment.

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Training program